Posted by: figliodios | April 2, 2009

Bobcats performance vs. the Celtics

I am very pleased with the Bobcats performance last night against the NBA Champion Boston Celtics. Granted they don’t have Kevin Garnett but come on now Paul Pierce, Ray Allen. Jesus Shuttlesworth! How do you leave him open in the corner? I saw the play as Wallace got distracted by a driving Paul Pierce which prevented him from getting up in Allen’s face.

What really boggles my mind is that we did not bring out a hot D. J. Augustin (4-4 three pointers) in either overtime. Although I am happy with Raja Bell’s shot to end the game in the second overtime. It looked good when it came out of his hand but a charging Pierce was enough to misdirect it.

The Bobcats mad a franchise low five free throws and shot a season low seven free throws. They out rebounded, had more assists, and simply outplayed the Celtics for 58 minutes. Just couldn’t handle the pressure towards the end. I mean the defending champs were on their home court with arguably the best three point shooter of all time.

It was a great test for the Bobcats and hopefully they don’t dwell on it but it makes them stronger. Boris Diaw’s shot at the end of the first overtime was great.

Go Bobcats!


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