Posted by: figliodios | June 5, 2009

Who do the Bobcats take at 12?

So it’s clear the Bobcats need a two guard to hold the position down on the offensive end. Also, a go-to-guy at the end of games.

In this situation, my first thought is to pick up Ben Gordon. Then I’m realistic and understand with the Bobcats financial struggles, they will most likely be addressing this position in the draft.

So who may be available at 12?

Some mock drafts have them taking Tyreke Evans, shooting guard from Memphis who declared for the draft after his freshman year.  He has said to be comparable to NBA’s Jamal Crawford and Larry Hughes, with an incredible wingspan.

The Bobcats could use his ability to break down people of the dribble and facilitate as a passer.

Considering coach Brown’s affinity for building defensive players, the Bobcats might pick up Duke’s Gerald Henderson. Henderson’s numbers steadily increased and scored 16.5 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.5 assists his junior season.

All the talk about Stephen Curry’s size as a weakness in his game should be refuted. Ultimately if Curry is available at 12 the Bobcats will pick him up. His fathers role in the team (Director of Player Programs), and Stephen’s local celebrity status would be an instant ticket seller for the franchise that was third-last in ticket sales last year.

Curry could instantly make an impact to the Bobcats with his ability to move without the ball, and create his own shot. Curry’s confidence excels and could add a spark to the team in 2009-10.

The Bobcats may like Curry so much to trade up for him as most Mock Draft’s have him going no higher than seven..

We’ll see what transpires in the following week.



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